Saturday, January 25, 2014

The New Year is well under way and we're to the end of month One. Winter on the West Coast has brought us more sunshine than ever expected, so far, while the lack of rain is quite unreal for Portland. That said, let's take in Vitamin D and hope for rain, as it is the lifeblood of the NW.

Moving on to food & drink related things. As the Seasons move along, and it warms, the market availability changes and this directly reflects on our menu ... great dishes comprising of Brussels Sprouts, Root Vegetables, Brassicas and such go away, leading the way in for late Winter and early Spring goodies! The best thing about this is, that it keeps the creativite mind of the Chef cranking. He must figure how to tantalize one's palate with alternatives to some wonderful, hearty and popular items, viz., pot roast, cassoulet, winter salad. Gladly, that's his expertise and we simply get to savor the labor of his love for food!

Looking forward to many tasty renditions of the next seasonal shift, and to Spring!