Friday, May 10, 2013

Once the sun's out, as it is now, here in Portland, it brings a serenely new style in dining out, the outdoors. There are also fewer barriers in this warm atmosphere that are of note, and must be touted, especially the fun of drinking while grazing through the evening is probably the best one.

Now, I know that some people frown upon the notion of drinking the dinner with food as the complement, that's their rule! I'm in favor of enjoying this in the company of friends ... start the evening with a cocktail [or two] & sides of snacky items; then who knows, it may just follow with a glass of wine & some shared plates, [or just a juicy burger]; and this might even lead to more wine being sipped alongside a dessert passed around, or a pint of good brew to round it all off!

Now that's just me ... reflecting on my take on enjoying this weather in good company, imbibing while noshing on food. This nourishes mind, body, and soul. Simply put, an evening of more ... just the way I like it!

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