Monday, January 28, 2013

Relish Gastropub - a sneak peek at our wine program

Neighborhoods are the sum total of the emotions, experiences, occasions, and coincidences of the folks who live in them. Sometimes the occasion for going out is a solitary moment to enjoy a quick snack, a brew and your favorite book. Other times, it might be a simple dinner with friends or maybe family visiting from out of town. And then there are the special occasions, the celebrations, and milestone moments when the simple must be transcended.

We’re curating our wine list to fit the needs of the community for all occasions. For the daily rhythm of Portland neighborhood life, Relish Gastropub will present a 150+ label list, highlighting affordability with 60+ labels under $39, and 27 by the glass selections. In addition, we will offer a selection of rarities such as 1998 Gaja [Barbaresco], 1975 Ch√Ęteau Palmer [Margaux], and 1999 Dominus Estate [Napa Valley]. These wines are for special nights when you are treating yourself or toasting with loved ones.  We’re not planning to hang the proverbial hat on a prestigious list by any means.  It’s not an everyday occurrence when wines such as these sell, but one of the gems found in our modern public house is a wine cellar at the ready. Our rare wines will be nestled in it, poised to meet any occasion which calls for their uncorking.

We’re opening soon and looking forward to toasting our own milestone moment with you!

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